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By purchasing any of our products you automatically agree with all terms of the following Agreement-Oferta:

The term Institute is used herein to refer to any of the Shestov Systems International Research Institutes, organizations and publishing houses worldwide, and/or their authorized consultants, research associates, and representatives. The term Client is used herein to refer to the person, whose client name/signature appears on this receipt, and who wishes to purchase one or more Shestov System self-instructional materials under the below-stated conditions, and receive in some cases unlimited product support, via phone, internet, etc.

The Institute guarantees that the Client’s skills will be increased using the unique methods developed by Michael Shestov, according to descriptions given by the Shestov System materials. If the Client consultants are unable to provide a particular consultation (due to illness or other extraneous circumstances), the Institute will reschedule and provide one at a later designated date and time.
Once the Client has made their first deposit, purchased their first product, broken the product seal, and/or used any equipment in the Institute’s possession, all payments, including deposits, made up to that point are non-refundable. The Client agrees not to compromise Michael Shestov, nor his representatives and/or Institute consultants, at any and all times in the future, or they can expect to face legal action by the Institute. (Upon purchasing Shestov products, the Client waives their right to express their opinions of the Institute and the Institute’s products, in any form that can be considered negative or unpleasant by the Institute.)
The Client recognizes that all information — contained in books, software, audio and written materials received; and conveyed verbally (by phone, email, and in person) — is the intellectual property of Michael Shestov, whether it is known, or not, to be copyrighted or patented.
The Client acknowledges that the only way to achieve results and be entitled to continue getting consultations while using Shestov’s products, based on his know-how, will be to follow all recommendations (including but not limited to making precise finger and hand movements, performing self-dictation, not being unpleasant or gloomy, following rhythms and slower speeds, keeping silent, and listening attentively as advised), given by written materials, Shestov, or his research associates in his behalf; and be in good physical and psychological condition, allowing them to fully follow the recommendations of the Institute. The Client shall follow the schedule of self-studying given in materials or any other way designated by the Institute. Any Client who doesn’t follow, to the last detail, any single instruction of the Institute loses chances of receiving results in the time expected, loses rights to receive any product support, may be denied entry to the premises of the Institute, and may have communications with the Institute halted — all at the sole discretion of Institute.
The Client acknowledges that they fully understand, accept, and will follow the terms stated herein when dealing with the Institute, and that this is the only legal agreement between the Client and the Institute. This agreement is activated at the moment that one or more of the following has occurred: the Client 1) receives their portion of this receipt, 2) makes their first payment; 3) receives any product (book, computer program, audio or video learning material, etc.).